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Community Investment 

The Community Investment process is an annual volunteer-driven funding program. Investment Committee volunteers read and score proposals, review agency financials, participate in agency site visits, express comments and concerns for agencies, build agency relationships, and prepare funding recommendations. The funds for the Community Investment Program are raised through the UWL annual campaign and final approval of grant recommendations is made by the UWL Board of Directors.


  1. Kindergarten Readiness: Supporting programs with focus on increasing percentage of children who enter school ready to learn in K-5, make sure all basic needs are met so child has opportunity to learn, and supporting K-4 and early childhood education initiatives.

  2. Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills: Supporting the development of necessary skills to read at grade level in third grade or succeed in reading beyond third grade and provide early numeracy and critical thinking skills, so children can be successful.

  3. Social & Emotional Development: Supporting and encouraging a child’s increased ability to express and manage emotions, develop self-awareness and build healthy relationship skills.


  1. Access to Care: Increased access to healthcare services including medical, behavioral health, and dental services

  2. Prevention: To improve community health through education and the creation of environments that support healthy behaviors. Initiatives focusing on education, screening, and policy efforts aimed to prevent chronic disease and encourage the adoption and practice of healthy behaviors.

Basic Needs

  1. Efforts that support and address barriers to education, financial stability, and health attainment.

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