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How does it work? Simply visit the site and register. You’ll create an account with your information and specify the type of work that interests you. In just a few minutes you’ll be registered.

I’ve already been a volunteer with UWL in the past; do I need to register on the volunteer site? Yes! We are asking that all past volunteers create an account on the site. This will ensure that we have the most current information for you and confirm that you are still interested in being a volunteer.

I have special skills. Is there a place for me to note that? Yes! There are places for you to note any special skills or licenses (contractor, counselor, nurse, physician, social worker) you might have. 

What if I can’t volunteer in the future? You can always “opt-out” of notifications from site if you are unable to volunteer for a period of time. Then, when you are able to volunteer again, you won’t need to re-register; just opt back in. Additionally, you can modify any of your registration information at your convenience.

Have more questions? Contact us. 

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