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United Way of the Lakelands partner with Singlecare to provide access to affordable prescription medications to ensure greater health and financial stability for our community.



Everyone! Whether you are insured or uninsured, SingleCare can help you save up to 80% on prescription medications. There's no registration or eligibility criteria required.


Savings!  SingleCare helps you get the best price on your prescriptions. It's just smart shopping. Register for free on to get bonus member savings!


Nationwide! SingleCare is accepted at major chain pharmacies nationwide.


Right Now!  The card can be used immediately, with no activation or registration required.


A Healthier You! No one should have to skip a prescription because of high costs. Your good health matters!


Get Your Card! Get your free prescription savings card- available 3 different ways:

  • Save or print a card on

  • Download the free mobile app

  • Text 700-700 to download the card to your phone

Show your card to the pharmacist every time you fill a prescription. Savings are automatically applied at checkout!

Medical Checkup

The SingleCare prescription savings card can help everyone!

The Uninsured

Individuals and Families who:

  • Have no insurance

  • Aren't covered by a family member's insurance

Employees who:

  • Work for businesses that don't offer insurance

  • Have declined coverage

  • Work part-time

  • Are laid off and not on COBRA

The Underinsured

Individuals and Families who:

  • Have high deductibles or waiting periods

  • Need medication not covered by their plan

  • Have a co-pay higher than the SingleCare discounted price

  • Are on a limited or catastrophic plan

Employees who:

  • Have high deductibles or waiting periods

  • Need medication not covered by their plan

Seniors who:

  • Aren't enrolled in Medicare Part D

  • Are enrolled in Medicare Part D Prescription Plan without a MediGap plan

People seeking help with tax prep:

  • People seeking to be financially responsible

  • People attempting to figure out whether to pay bills or fill prescription medications

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